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Stilo Verbacom communicatie set CQ00010

Stilo Verbacom communicatie set CQ00010

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VERBACOM CLUB The first car to pit communication system using mobile phones CQ00010 –

Two Cars to a Single Pit Headset without phones

without phones Licenses: there is no need for a license as it uses mobile telephone Sim cards. Full Duplex: while also totally private and secure, the both phones allow each of the crew to talk at the same time. Coverage: unlike temperamental radio systems, the Verbacom allows communication on any length of circuit as it uses mobile phone signals. Clarity: using digital noise cancelling the communications give excellent voice clarity, which has been tested in F3 to F1 cars, and GT to Le Mans vehicles. Easy to Use: this unit has been designed around professional motorsport, and is extremely easy to use and setup. Simple and very very effective. In Car: the driver does no more than plug in and drive. Thanks to the digital noise cancellation that cancels all background noises, there’s no need to use a PTT button and the driver can speak anytime. Lightweight and Compact: the Verbacom is very lightweight in comparison to normal radio systems giving performance all round.